Escape Artist Steph (leagueofone) wrote,
Escape Artist Steph

Gudentag from Deutschland

Hello Everybody!

I am in Friedrichshafen, Germany at the OutDoor European Trade Show.
Things are going alright, a lot of people stopping by to see our new designs.  It is damn hot here too, above 35 degrees.  Slept outside on the balcony last night under the stars, and watched the bats flying about.  It was nice as there was a cool breeze.  Its far too hot in the rooms to sleep.

FRDHFN is on a lake which is also bordered by Switzerland, and Austria.  Tonight there is a party for the trade fair by the lake, with live music and free food and booze.  Have been enjoying the German beer, which goes down nicely in this heat.

Still jet lagged, waking up before 5am, and getting sleepy around 4pm.  Yesterday, when there was a lull in the amount of visitors, I snuck into the tent and had a nap in one of the rooms.  It was surprisingly comfortable on a sleeping bag.  We have our set up in Tent City, one of the various halls here.  There are hundreds of tents here, some crap, some nice.  I contemplated finding a crap tent no one would be interested in, in a far away corner of the hall, and tucking up inside but thought better of it.

They sure do like their sausages here, and potatoes.  Its no good if you are vegetarian, or at least an infrequent meat eater. 

Anyhow, I have only a few minutes left on the wifi, and I need to eat my lunch.  I will post more soon and not be so absent.  Ciao!
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