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I wonder if the novelty has worn off? 

Next week my university is holding a lecture here in Vancouver as part of their FOCUS series of talks held around Canada.  This one features Dr. Trevor Findlay who is Director of the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance, and the theme is: An International Dilemma:  Managing nuclear non-compliance crises.  I think it should be interesting, I wonder if he will only focus on non-compliance of non-western nations, or if he will go into western nations who reserve the right to nuclear armament for themselves.  There is a cocktail reception before the presentation. 

Things are going very well with the new flat mate.  She is fun and we get along great.  We had a good night out on Monday with some good company, despite the adolescent waitresses hitting on our male companions.  It didn't bother me as much as my roommate though, who says Italian women are fiercely protective of their 'interests'. 

Made some new friends and lost some old ones.  Its been an interesting month or so.  People take too many liberties and cross clearly defined boundaries.  I'm much less forgiving than I was, though I guess only for those who see nothing wrong in stepping over the line.  I'm pretty shocked at the lack of respect people display.

The Constantines are playing in April and I HAVE to go.  Went to the Sebadoh concert a few weeks ago and I enjoyed parts of it.  It was nice to hear some live music anyways.  I really have to see more shows.

more to come later.....
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