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I have come to chew bubble gum and kick ass [entries|friends|calendar]
Escape Artist Steph

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[13 Apr 2007|01:02pm]
Saw the Constantines at the Plaza last night and managed to get guitar picks from them and their opening band Ladyhawk, two more to add to the collection!!  Sweeeeeeet!  They were all pretty good, though I don't really like the sound at that place. 

My new roommate Stefania is great and we get along really well.  I hope she decides to stay longer which she would like to do but it all depends on work/school.  Speaking of work I got a call from MEC who want me to start May 1st!  It will be much better and more physical work.  The other job is pretty good too as the people I work with a really friendly and the place is not too busy to be unmanageable.  I took a big pay cut when I quit the desk job, but I am just so much happier to be working in a lively environment with nice people, as opposed to working from my flat and sitting in front of a computer all day.  I hate computers and have tried to spend as little time as possible on it.  It was doing my head in!  Definitely prefer talking with real people.  Thats why I haven't posted here lately - if I am not working on the computer, I am out of the house!

Still pretty happy living on the drive.  Its a nice neighbourhood and people are more welcoming and look out for eachother here.  I've got the backyard, the BBQ, and a pretty good sized place for a lot cheaper than everything else around here.  And the landlady stocked our fridge with beer before she went back to the UK for family stuff.  Sweet!

I will post more later
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oh goody! [17 Mar 2007|08:39pm]
B and I had a great time on Main.  We walked there and back which was a nice long stroll.  Good food and two pitchers of mojitos and some rum mango drink.  He likes to climb onto roofs which kicks ass as no one besides my best friend on the other side of the country likes to do that.   I like people who enjoy exploring, especially places you aren't allowed to go.  

I'm pretty stoked about it

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no lj posts [16 Mar 2007|12:06pm]
I wonder if the novelty has worn off? 

Next week my university is holding a lecture here in Vancouver as part of their FOCUS series of talks held around Canada.  This one features Dr. Trevor Findlay who is Director of the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance, and the theme is: An International Dilemma:  Managing nuclear non-compliance crises.  I think it should be interesting, I wonder if he will only focus on non-compliance of non-western nations, or if he will go into western nations who reserve the right to nuclear armament for themselves.  There is a cocktail reception before the presentation. 

Things are going very well with the new flat mate.  She is fun and we get along great.  We had a good night out on Monday with some good company, despite the adolescent waitresses hitting on our male companions.  It didn't bother me as much as my roommate though, who says Italian women are fiercely protective of their 'interests'. 

Made some new friends and lost some old ones.  Its been an interesting month or so.  People take too many liberties and cross clearly defined boundaries.  I'm much less forgiving than I was, though I guess only for those who see nothing wrong in stepping over the line.  I'm pretty shocked at the lack of respect people display.

The Constantines are playing in April and I HAVE to go.  Went to the Sebadoh concert a few weeks ago and I enjoyed parts of it.  It was nice to hear some live music anyways.  I really have to see more shows.

more to come later.....
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300 [10 Mar 2007|12:54pm]
I saw 300 last night and it was fucking great!  You have to watch it at the cinema as I don't think a TV screen would do it justice.

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[08 Mar 2007|11:35am]
I'd like to see this movie:

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this from Only Magazine [06 Mar 2007|05:53pm]

Psycho Celebs
by Amil Niazi

Fame is a mental illness

One of the first questions in a bi-polar disorder assessment test is, “Do you think you are, or will ever be famous?” The questions is designed to weed out delusional types who self-aggrandise or are under the assumption that they are known, stalked, or being watched (as, of course, all crazy people are always being watched.) If you answer yes, you’re on your way to mood stabilisers, but what do psychologists say to the scores of people who live by the celebrity mantra, “I always knew I’d be famous?”

From Courtney Love to Gwyneth Paltrow, Jim Carrey to Winona Ryder, at some point notable names publicly declare they had known since childhood that their place was in the centre of the spotlight. Does this mean they’re all psychic or just psycho? It certainly takes a specific type to eschew any sense of normalcy to pursue the skeleton of a life lived in front of the camera. It’s not much of a leap to see the similarities in a person who eschews regular employment to pursue the sketchy, harried life of a paranoiac. Both types are ravenous for attention, but shy away when it seems inconvenient. And no one pulls off a baseball hat and sunglasses at the grocery store better than a bi-polar celebrity. Tabloids live for the day they can report that the attention has finally forced so-and-so to crack under pressure, for person X to hit the bottle, the glass pipe, or the transsexual booty in search of fulfillment. A layperson might think celebrities are at greater risk of going mental—but I say, mental people are just naturally pre-disposed to becoming celebrities.

Another quality of the bi-polar sufferer is spendaholism. Potential victims are once again asked if they spend money recklessly, extravagantly, and without thought. It’s hard to lie about that one; manic-depressives are natural hoarders, and the proof is lying all around them, piled up in the closet and on the floor. It seems quite sad, really, this compulsion to erode one’s personal finances without any power to stop it. Now, you’re saying, there’s the distinction between crazy and famous. Famous people are rich and therefore spend money insanely because they have insane amounts of money.

But when Lindsay Lohan drops a $100,000 in one day, I’d call that extravagant. When TLC, Toni Braxton, and MC Hammer are all declaring bankruptcy because they invested in one-too-many pairs of customised parachute pants, I tell you, that’s reckless. These are people who have hired help around to hold their drinking straws and request diamond-encrusted microphones on tour. I ask, is there anything crazier? At the very least, the non-famous manic-depressives have limitations on their money madness. A creditor won’t wait until the second Escalade to send you a warning. If you’re still unfortunate enough to be undiscovered, they’ll just rip that credit card right up.

This is pretty conclusive stuff. Every lunatic tick box is getting checked. The manic highs, the suicidal lows, the teetering self-esteem and rampant eating disorders. Well, I don’t know about the eating disorders thing, but it seems like if you’re already racked with crazy of one kind, you might as well throw in crazy everything else too. But the remaining factors are uncanny—the disregard for personal hygiene, the sense that everyone is out to get them, the substance abuse and denial—it’s what experts like myself would call textbook. And in the ultimate irony, our society has eternally condemned mental illness while propelling celebrity status to greater and greater heights. Blindly unaware that they are one and the same.

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[15 Nov 2006|01:16pm]

Al-Jazeera is one of the best-known TV stations in the world - yet its new channel's first few hours on air may have surprised those who know it only from the headlines.

Al-Jazeera's correspondent in Gaza
Al-Jazeera hopes to lend a new perspective to reporting

Slick and polished, with familiar faces from British TV news bulletins, it carried reports from across the globe, including many places rarely seen on our screens.

Two years ago, al-Jazeera was named in the global InterBrand survey as the world's most influential media brand and the fifth most influential in any field, after Apple, Google, Ikea and Starbucks.

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[16 Oct 2006|12:18am]
this is just genius
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[12 Oct 2006|11:03am]
I'm picking up a large futon from someone for my study/spare room.  Got a truck and some strong people to help so I am looking forward to getting that room sorted out. 

I got free passes to a movie tonight, Flags of Our Fathers which doesn't really appeal to me, but I think it will be interesting at least.  I'm not one for American war movies.  hopefully it won't too ra-ra hero crap.

Thanksgiving was nice, good food.  It was just the girls this time as Andrew and Dad are both away.  We will not be together for Xmas so this was a nice pre-Christmas meal together.  My sister in law still drives me crazy from time to time, but we do get along for the most part and I am trying to get her to take me to another VFS staff party.  That last one was killer.

I saw some more photos and videos of my sister's baby.  She is really cute and has Ginger hair!

In other news, living on my own has proved to be very good for me :)  I am pretty stoked about it and my place is pretty cosy now.  There has been an adjustment phase where I have been slobbing it a bit, but I usually don't put up with it for more than a day or two and clean up my act.  It is nice to know I can slob it up without pissing people off.
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[07 Oct 2006|12:04pm]
Micah finally reclaimed his router and we have concluded that the old one is actually the problem and not my computer or other error. L picked up one for me yesterday and I have yet to hook it up. I played with his adorable kitty too and after reading someone's journal with tons of cat pictures I realise I can't live without pussy. Black fuzzy pussy. Anyone know of any free kittens?

I'm pleasantly surprised that Old Navy consider me a size 4-6 now. I got caught checking out my ass in the ladies room last night, hahaha

my new favourite comedian
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[05 Oct 2006|11:30am]
My mum recently informed me she would be in the UK for Christmas, and that my brother and Dad would join her at my Nan's place after some business in Germany. She asked what I wanted to do. I could go with her and see relatives, I could go to Hong Kong and stay with Jenny and get my papers sorted with Immigration and see my new niece, or I can go wherever I want.

After considering several places, I have decided to head back to Ottawa and see everyone I haven't seen in 4 years. I know, I know, Cuba would be so much more exciting, or anywhere else for that matter, but I am not really up for spending Xmas alone, even if it is somewhere really beautiful. The touristy thing does not appeal to me either as the thought of sightseeing and agendas is just not the way I want to spend the holidays. If I go to HK there will definitely be an awkward meeting with my estranged sister and her husband which I want to avoid.

Mike's family will feed me yummy turkey, I will have a good time visiting friends, and just relax. This is what I need.

Steph, will you be in Ottawa or will you go to Peterborough for Christmas? I want to see your adorable baby!
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if you can't beat 'em, join em' [28 Sep 2006|10:42pm]
I haven't been home for two days and when I got back this evening, not only did the whole neighbourhood smell like skunk, but so did my apartment. Its pretty nasty.
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[23 Sep 2006|10:15am]
My sofa is arriving today! And the cool desk top which was on sale for $20 from $120. Now that I have a table finally in my kitchen, things are coming together nicely. Mum and I went shopping yesterday and managed to get a lot done. I finally gave a few bags of clothes to Syvlain to give out to people. Chris is going to lend me his electric guitar for a bit which is awesome.
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International Talk Like A Pirate Day [19 Sep 2006|10:04am]


uh.......thats it, I'm out
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FOUND GREY KITTEN [01 Sep 2006|02:10pm]

Originally uploaded by Random Vision.
Please email to identify markings and collar


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[09 Aug 2006|03:58pm]
Where has the time gone?  Its  been ages since I last posted, but have been reading my flist entries frequently.

Germany was pretty interesting.  I was working most of the time and sleeping off the jetlag the rest of the time, but when I did have the occasional break, I wandered around the trade show and checked things out.  It was damn hot, above 35 degrees I believe.  Friedrichshafen is a nice city and I enjoyed plenty of Heffeweisen to keep me cool.  We stopped in London on our way back and stayed with my Nan for a day and a half.  It was nice to see her and spend time together in her garden.  Her memory is not so good and she often gets tired after doing simple tasks.  I found my old doll's house furniture which is still better than anything you can buy these days, and brought it back with me.  I also brought back an old  brownie camera, the last of the old cameras I have acquired from my Nan over the years; and an old B&W photo album of pictures my Grandad took during the war when he was stationed in India.  They are pretty cool and I plan on scanning them to post here.

Last weekend Bill and I with some of his friends went to Oregon to camp and surf.  It was fun and I enjoyed Boogie boarding.  The wetsuit was not as scary looking on me as I anticipated, but the water was fricken cold and really don't understand why people travel far and wide to freeze their bits off for a few waves.  Those nutty surfers.  It was a long weekend here so I was glad to get out of town for a few days.

The trip to Utah is off as trade shows are overrated and unnecessary for our purposes.  We will go to them in the future but as visitors instead of exhibitors.  I may go to Ottawa in September as Kristen and Matt are getting married.  I have not been back to Ottawa for 4+ years so it will be nice to visit.  I am going to bring Mike as he can drive out the farm where the wedding will be and we can catch up at the same time.  Ryan is getting married in December in HK which I would like to go to, but it is the most expensive time to go and I just don't think it will happen.  If I went to the trade show in Guangzhou in October, at least the company would pay for it, but December is not really an option...ah well.
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Gudentag from Deutschland [25 Jul 2006|03:38am]
Hello Everybody!

I am in Friedrichshafen, Germany at the OutDoor European Trade Show.
Things are going alright, a lot of people stopping by to see our new designs.  It is damn hot here too, above 35 degrees.  Slept outside on the balcony last night under the stars, and watched the bats flying about.  It was nice as there was a cool breeze.  Its far too hot in the rooms to sleep.

FRDHFN is on a lake which is also bordered by Switzerland, and Austria.  Tonight there is a party for the trade fair by the lake, with live music and free food and booze.  Have been enjoying the German beer, which goes down nicely in this heat.

Still jet lagged, waking up before 5am, and getting sleepy around 4pm.  Yesterday, when there was a lull in the amount of visitors, I snuck into the tent and had a nap in one of the rooms.  It was surprisingly comfortable on a sleeping bag.  We have our set up in Tent City, one of the various halls here.  There are hundreds of tents here, some crap, some nice.  I contemplated finding a crap tent no one would be interested in, in a far away corner of the hall, and tucking up inside but thought better of it.

They sure do like their sausages here, and potatoes.  Its no good if you are vegetarian, or at least an infrequent meat eater. 

Anyhow, I have only a few minutes left on the wifi, and I need to eat my lunch.  I will post more soon and not be so absent.  Ciao!
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[11 Jun 2006|11:55pm]
Leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow. So exciting! The eBay convention sounds like it will be good and Bonnie and I can't wait to check out the city.

My sister's baby girl was born on the 8th. Mum will send photos from Hong Kong soon. She is in HK for 6 weeks helping my sister out.
Ryan is getting married in December, hoping I will be able to go though it is sooner than I had planned to go back to HK.
Sophie is talking a lot now and said "I love you auntie"!
Planted the conifer to make a bonsai, I hope it works.

I am posting from the new Mac which is great! The screen is nice and big and I am getting used to using the system. No more dinosaur computers with no WiFi or batteries.

XMen was good, some really cheesy parts, but overall a good film. I am obsessed with Xmen so I would have liked it even if it was total shite.
Looking for somewhere to live. Not going so well at the moment. Some shit places are posted and crap locations. I have a pretty specific area in mind and its popular. Places get snatched up quick and I am not settling for a mouldy basement that is overpriced and directly below irritating landlords.
I'm sure there is more to say since I have not posted in ages, but I can't think of anything important and I have to get back to packing the one carry on bag I'm taking. I hate loads of luggage.

I am taking a video camera as well so I can film the trip. Maybe I will figure out how to do video casts and post something somewhere. Ciao!
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[11 May 2006|12:21pm]
How is it that I have had so little idle time in weeks? I am not complaining though. I am happy to be busy.

I need a new laptop. The Dinosaur laptop is not living up to standard laptop-ness. Why is my vocabulary so crap? The battery does not work, like my last laptop. It has no WiFi, nor is it even an managable weight to carry around more than a few feet.

I require Wifi, lighter weight, and a working battery. Otherwise it might as well be a desktop. Looking at a Mac, new ones with intel are coming out in a week or so, will wait til then to decide on a purchase.

The truck thing may not work out either. The Zo is being a wishy washy dick head. He shrugs a lot and says he doesn't want to take money from a friend. He gives me the run around, says we can fix all these other cars to pay for the truck, blah blah blah. I just want a clean deal, I give you money, you give me the truck. What the fuck is so difficult about that? He can't even give me a price. He asked how much I want to pay. It is too low. Fine. I don't mind, I will pass, you can just pay me for the sleeping bags I gave you. If I was buying the truck, the $100.00 worth of sleeping bags would go towards a payment. But if there is no deal on the truck, give me the money. I hate people giving me the run around. Then he says there is another car that would be perfect for me, in my price range, but I have to help fix it. I don't have time. I just want to give you the money and you give me a car.

Sorry about the rant. I am going just get the money and not think about the car because he seems to be all talk and no action. I have no patience for that.
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[04 May 2006|02:08pm]
Haven't updated in ages as things have been busy lately.

For my B'day on Tuesday we went to Rugby Club because I wanted a juicy STEAK...mmmmm and I enjoyed every bit of it. It was nice to see Warwick again and I am really enjoying the CD he made for me. Eric, Stefan, Bonnie, Bill and his intern were in attendance. I love the wooden cuff bracelet Bill gave me, but I think I like his card even more ...makes me feel all warm a fuzzy inside :)

Work has been tough to get through but satisfying once I get things out of the way. The beautiful weather has been great, above 22, today even feels warmer than 25.

Saturday mum and I are going shopping, thinking of getting a haircut too. Am excited to see XMen on Saturday too! I have been waiting patiently and it will be sooo goood!

Have not been feeling too good since Sunday though. Hoping it will clear up before the weekend.

Took a walk in Trout Lake the other day as the nutter upstairs was yelling and I was getting quite upset about it. She is having some major problems and likes to share them with me, even involve me to a certain extent which is not something I want to get into. I am looking for alternative places to live. Its not that I don't like to help people, but I recognise when some people can become dependent and even a little spiteful if you do not meet their demands. This sort of behavoir has been witnessed on numerous occasions so I am not inclined to get involved.

Other than that things are alright. Some things that have been going around my head are unsettling though.
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